Wednesday, April 25, 2007

lifes lessons i learned from the movies

movies are meant to entertain us, cheer us up and let us forget about our daily worries and anxieties. since i've married, i haven't had the time to go to the movies however, if i have time, i visit my firendly neighborhood movie retailer (read: dvd, dvd) and buy some movies i may have missed. lately, i have been watching films that have been memorable for me. i really can't understand how i feel about the movies i've watched lately but i've been getting life lessons from them. ( this may be a sign of old age already, but nonetheless, i enjoy it.) i just like to share the latest i've learned while watching a movie.

watched "click" yesterday at home. a really entertaining film but is really different from past adam sandler movies i've seen.( we're big adam sandler fans so with will smith, so me and wifey never miss their movies. we also saw " the pursuit of happyness,but that may be for another entry.) what made it interesting was the fact that since it deals with the dilemma of attending to one's career and family life, i can somehow relate to the premise of the film. the lines ", family, family,...." uttered when he was dying really had a strong message i could still feel radiate in me up to now.

perhaps, it made such an impact on me because there are times when i want to focus on my work and tell wifey that the work i'm doing is part of my responsibility as the coach, as the teacher or whatever...come to think of it, where should my biggest responsibility lie, on my work or to my family?
i guess a large portion of ones responsibility should be with his family or at least it was what i got from the film. the common adage " don't take things for granted" should really apply to families. of course its very tempting to say that my family will always be here for me so i attend to things that are of the minute, but we have to remember that we may also miss out on the little memorable moments of our family.
- you may never be able to tast your wifeys home cooked meals again. (she may only dare once.)
- you may miss out on the laughter shared by your relatives, (they may stop visiting you.)
- you may miss out on all the first things your baby will do. (first steps, first words uttered, etc.)
enjoy every minute we shall spend with our families. don't be tempted to push the "fast forward button" that life just passes us by without us even noticing it. the next thing we know, we have already skipped a chapter of our lives, our families lives.
these are the life lessons i learned from this movie and this experience really makes me change the way i watch films.
(this part is for my friend who is finding it difficult to face the world: watch this film, and enjoy every moment of the film. don't push the chapter select and skip on the great parts of the film. you know where to find me in this part of cyberspace.)

Friday, April 20, 2007

the week that was

it's the end of the is quite fitting that i end this week with a new photoblog consiting of the events that transpired last week. (luckily, i have pictures of those events...:))

with yve @ paradise island last saturday during our planning & evaluation

gabby's picture @ church last sunday

one of ching2's wacky look (taken @ gmall)

gabby, mami & dady lo (@ gmall)


finally, i'm done with all the things that has kept me preoccupied for the past few days.
i can finally attend to blogging. i can finally sit back and relax in my workstation. finally, i can post the images i've been wanting to post.finally, everything returns to normal.....:)

Monday, April 16, 2007

the week and the week before this.....

it has been a very busy week right after we spent holy week.

the holy week, we spent with my family. we had to go to my mom and dad's place because gabby was getting restless because of the summer heat at our house. no choice on our part but to bring her there where the use of electricity is free, so with the water, basically, we had a "free" holy week. ( it did save us from buying our food ration for a few days.) while we were there, i prepared some of my homecooked meals of which i am going to post @ dravenworkz cookbook one of these days. (I'm still very busy with work. don't have time to squeeze my brain for the directions on how i came up with my recipes.)

as i've mentioned in this entry a couple of times already, i've been quite busy for some time now. and yes, upto now, i'm stil busy....busy preparing work materials long overdue.( this is what one gets when one procastinates...but i think i'm better when i'm feeling the pressure to deliver. (i'm just trying to justify my procastination.........:)) however, we had a grand time over the weekend because we had our office outing at paradise island, from that activity will be posted within the week. (here i go procastinating again....) the weekend really was remarkable for me perhaps due to the fact that we went to mass as a family again, yve, gabby and myself. what made it even remarkable is that gabby had the chance to go strolling at the mall with us. (it is really one of the things i looked forward when i began this family.) (there are pictures of that strolling know, i opt to procastinate again.)

this has been my week and the week before this...and this is yoxx signing out.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

holy week

its already the holy week. vacation time for some, for others, a time to spend for themselves and their loved ones. nonetheless, it is also a time to thank the lord for the year. personally, holy week is the start of my year. it is during this time that i renew all my commitments to our Lord. unlike my previous holy weeks, this coming holy week is quite different.
what makes this holy week different from the other holy weeks i had before?
1. this is my first holy week with my young family. we plan to spend the holy week at home. enjoy each others company (yve, gabby and i ) for the duration of the holy week. we cannot join the usual religious services we normally attend since gabby is still to small to bring along for the services;
2. i cannot do my yearly "panata" of going up the shrine hills during good friday. again, i want to spend our first holy week as a family. next year perhaps when gabby can walk , maybe we can bring her with us to the shrine;
these are just two reasons why i will be having a different holy week this year but these are very special reasons why i won't be having the same holy week i've been having for years.
before i go on spending my holy week with my family, here are some new pictures of gabby with us. enjoy.

Monday, April 2, 2007

new recipe

new recipe at dravenworkz cookbook.

our toys

these are pictures of our toys. i say "ours" because i have also uploaded gabby's new toy, a mr. potato head. the first two pictures are some of my toys, the crow and a stuffed toy keychain of crayon shin chan.
the crow
crayon shin chan
this is gabby's mr. potato head.
got this as our present to her during her 2nd month of birth.
gabby with her mr. potato head (look at their smiles.)
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