Monday, October 29, 2007


we are once again representing mindanao in the milo sbp-pasarelle national tournament. it's a third straight nationals appearance for our school, also the third nationals appearance for coach ice gravador and this is my second tour of duty for the nationals. the road to the nationals wasn't that easy for us. we had to escape defeat narrowly against sacred heart of jesus montessori from cagayan de oro. believe it or not, the final tally came at 35-33. that was how close we came to being denied an entry to the nationals for the third straight time. in fairness to the sacred heart boys, they really played a very good was a game you really dread seeing one team lose...unfortunately for them, we escaped with the "w" and will be heading back to the nationals again.
we will be leaving for iloilo on the 16th of november for the national tournament and hopefully bag a second straight national title. it will be a tall order for us since one of the teams we will be going against is ateneo de manila university. as coach ice would say, " we go to the nationals and try to get the title...if we will be given the chance to get it, we try."
and so we begin the defense of our national title.....animo ateneo!

new old place

we are back to living at wifey's place. can't afford to pay two rental dues in a month's time so we had to give up the comfort of staying in our own rented place. we started moving back last friday and hopefully, we can finish all the moving about today so that everything will be settled before the week ends. it's actually a "new old place". "new " for me since i get to live at wifey's house together with mama & papa (my in-laws). "old" because it's wifey's place and she literally spent her entire lifetime there. after a year of living away from them, here we are going back to their place while our own place in pequeño is still waiting to be finished. (we really can't make it their by december. have to put plans of moving there onhold for a few more months.) hopefully, we can start occupying the new house by summer of next year.

Monday, October 22, 2007

toys and gadget

wifey and i recently purchased our very 1st television set.(our early christmas gift to ourselves since our old set won't turn on anymore....thanks tita sev for the old unit. :)) a samsung flat (reviews of the brand which states that they are the best producers of screens in the market today made us decide to go with the brand.)
because of this, my toys were displaced...the toys were previously atop the old unit but now, the new unit cannot accomodate them anymore that's why they were displaced. i took the liberty of arranging them on top of the divider and took a picture of them until i find a more suitable place for them. hopefully, when we transfer to the new house, i can place them on a nice display case.( a display case where gabby cannot reach them.)

(picture summary: pix 1-wolverine, cpt.america and eric draven action figures, pix 2 (l-r)-tallgeese gundam, elite forces figure, voltron, sandrock gundam, pix 3 gabby's mr. potato head, rasta man figurine, astroboy)

last saturday, i purchased my fist g.i.joe to start my new joe collection. i bought the spirit dtc which is from the wave 1 set of the g.i. joe dtc. only a few of the wave 1 figures is available here. i will just buy all the figures available for my collection. unfortunately, i was not able to take a picture of it. i will just update this post with the pix of my new joe. (wifey allowed me to collect them. she promised to buy me another figure at month's end. can't wait for that time to buy my new figures.) together with my joe, i bought gabby two new plush toys, tom & jerry. they will join gabby's other plush toys. (will just create a post of all of gabby's plush toys one of these days.)

as promised, here are the update of the pics of my spirit joe:

going back

the provincial campaign for our milo-sbp team has just been concluded and we are going back to the regional competetion to start our campaign for the national tournament. our boys won against assumption school of davao by a large margin. the game was played yesterday at the montaña gym here. one of our boy was named mvp. congratulations josh and to all of the sbp players...animo ateneo!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

proudly pinoy

stumbled upon this logo in one of the blogs i have read. being a pinoy makes me proud to have this logo displayed on my blog.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

another surprise

received another surprise yesterday. our house is already ready for take out according to our developer. well, surprise, surprise..we can really move in the new house before christmas. this just means that we have to postpone decorating our current place to save us the tiresome job of taking them apart before we move in. wifey thinks of moving in on the 8th of december...hopefully, no glitches arise in our application of light and water for our new house so that we can really move in on that date. here's an updated picture of our house i took when we visited it some two weeks ago.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

yo joe

went to the local mall yesterday with wifey. everytime we go to the mall, i would always frequent the toy department to check for new action figures. something caught me unaware yesterday at the toy section, these action figues are all for sale....the toys of my childhood are once again finding their way to the local shores....i'm a child of the 80's and these action figures are very much a part of my childhood. can't resist to look at them figures and see if they are really real. (backstory: i've been searching for this line of toys for years after i misplaced the last figures i had at my own room...that was before i got married. upto now, whenever i go home, i still try to look for those toys i lost....i never really got over them afterall. i tried the other soldier action figure line created by bbi, the elite forces line but they didn't live up to the experience of having a gi joe.) now, with my discovery, i can't wait for the next payday to buy me at least one action figure i can play with. i'm planning on buying the major bludd figure i posted above. then slowly build up on my collection again. (i have thought about my early christmas wishlist but i guess, i don't need one. i just want my gi joe.) this time with the new releases from hasbro which they say will run upto 2008. this year really is a tribute to all things about my childhood and all the children of the 80's. (i just hope that wifey allows me to indulge on this....hehe)