Monday, August 30, 2010

1st royal mandaya hotel mini championships

another title conquest by the atene de davao 11-under blue knights.  the boys captured the 1st royal mandaya hotel mini division championships last saturday vs uic at the almendras gym.  the 1st championship for the year for the grade school blue knights.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

catching up

i've been using this site as an example for my class on website design and the last entry was still way back december of 2009.  a lot has already transpired since then so i'm just going to recap events i have missed via photos.

to kick things off, i present our new bundle of joy: mico gabriel samante

(with ate gabby)
he was born on may 20th of this year, just in time before we left for the batang pba national finals
(batang pba team)
(regional championship trophy)

we were not successful in our batang pba stint but we all had fun.  the organizers treated us to free pba games and an ocean park tour and i finally got to greenhills.
(i got buzz & woody at greenhills to update our toy story collection)

now, it's the start of the basketball season, i'm not into a head coaching stint now but our teams are very successful nonetheless.  we are currently participating in four local tournaments.  the best center sbp-passerelle, the gaisano south cup, the 1st royal mandaya cup and the dacs tournament.
(addu team a warming up @ woodridge gym)
(addu team b)
(mandaya cup team)
this weekend, the mandaya cup team will be playing vs uic for the championship.  god bless to us.  go blue knights!