Thursday, February 21, 2008


i've been thinking of what to write and i chanced upon pyk's blog and saw this image:

it's our images, the artco. pioneers. it's been already ten years since we conceived this friendship among artists who love art. what bound us together was our friendship, love for art and anything that pertains to both. (the art sessions, the planning sessions which ultimately leads to some "inuman" sessions. excluding the female pioneers of course.)

as of this writing, pyk has told me that a chapter in another school has been established.

if somebody was going to interview me about this group which we pioneered and how it has survived ten years of existence...i would be proud to say that aside from our love for art, what really helped artco. through the years is the friendship forged by each batch of artco. members.

as long as the bonds of friendship will continue to develop, i will predict that artco. will live for a lot more years. after all, friendship was what helped conceive and bring our organization to fruitition.

Monday, February 18, 2008

agony of defeat 2

"with the game clock ticking down, victory was imminent. the winning team had a comfortable lead and another championship will be added to their ranks."

this best describes the athmosphere of the final seconds of the game at the almendras gym yesterday when we took on acd for the championship of the cherifer under-12 mindanao leg tournament.

retribution was claimed as we got the better of them this time. after our gaisano gup loss last december, i was personally itching to get back at them at all costs. ironically, didn't need to wait very long for my time, after 2 months, i got to deliver another championship for the school making the school back to back champions for mindanao for the said tournament.
i guess, i have endured the agony of the defeat long enough to garner this new championship and add a medal to my collection and another trophy to the schools collection.

congratulations to my players! animo ateneo!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

pre-valentine gift

got wifey this as a pre-valentine present. she has long been looking for this toy and finally i got her one. she was so amazed and surprised when she recieved it.(i gave up part of what i'm saving for my gi joe to get her this.luv u mee, hope you like the new toy you have.) i am just so blessed that the family i have likes toys. collecting these things are something we can enjoy together. (even gabby has her own toy collection.)