Thursday, December 10, 2009


this is the 100th post in this blog. 
after almost three years of existence in the blogging community finally made it to 100.  incidentally, this 100th post comes at the time when i can't compose anything.  i may still need to find the resources to spontanieously compose again...up to this point, i still experience writer's block, as i have posted here a few months back.  i also have a number of other blogs that still lack content because of.....yup, writer's block. (this is already quite a lot considering that i have writer's block.)
after this posting, i never know when i will be able to post or compose a content for this blog again.
here's wishing everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

another bridesmaid finish

we spent the weekend at baguio city to compete in the 20th edition of the MILO backed SBP-PASSERELLE national finals.  and for the second year in a row, we ended up with another bridesmaid finish in the competion.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

back to back regional champions

we made it as back to back regional champions in the sbp tournament of the best center over the weekend in tuna city, general santos.  the boys carved out a masterful game in beating xavier university cagayan in the championship game.  the xu team were very good in containing the best of our players for every quarter but they couldn't contain the rest of the team and in the final canto, we blitzed them, en route to another title conquest in the mindanao region.
kudos to the players, parents and supporters.
animo baby blue knights....on to the national finals we march again.

sidenote: we will be adding a new one to our family...wifey is pregnant with our second child.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

national championship

we finally nailed a big one. in the first 3 on 3 national finals sponsored by growee, we emerged as its first national champions besting three other schools from manila, cebu and cagayan de oro city.  we have been playing since saturday and sunday was the culmination of all the hard work of the players.

prior to the national championships, all the teams fielded sweeped the 1st to 3rd places.  in the national finals, ateneo team a bannered by our team captain, jair igna, tsutumo tateishi, jeucharist binoya and co-captain vernon bonleon, bested the team from cebu, usc north campus via free throw shoot out.  final tally, 12-11.

it was a total team effort by the boys to withstand exhaustion from two days of basketball and emerge as the national champions.  jair was the local and national mvp of the tournament and i got the recognition as the best coach in the local leg and the national finals.

recognition goes out also to the other ateneo teams who competed and bested their local counterparts.  and to my co-coaches, frankie and henry.  we did this together and i share the recognition with you.

our sbp team will be going with our passerelle counterparts from the highschool in the regional finals.  we bagged the local sbp championships already. 
goodluck to the college blue knights as they try to get the regional championships of the pccl.
this has been a very busy year of basketball for the university and we all hope to add to our growing collection of championships for the year.
go blue knights!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

baby blue knights and the blue knights

4 minutes & 38 seconds of the 3rd quarter and a full fourth quarter.  this is all that's left before we finish the first step of our goal to go bak to the sbp national finals.  this occured because of the unfortunate downpour we experienced during the original schedule of the championship game last sunday.  the gym got flooded and the organizers had t\no choice but to postpone the game.

this afternoon, our baby blue knights continue with our goal of making it as champions of the sbp local leg again.  the school have never had a hard time getting the local championships all the time.  after this afternoon, we will hopefully be getting ready for the regionals in gensan on october 17-18.  i will be updating this tomorrow with the result of this afternoons game resumption.

sidenote: the passerelle team of the school (which is also considered the baby blue knights) already bagged the local championships at the expense of the rival reds of the hcsd  78-77 last sunday.  they are already geared up for the regionals.  the college varsity(which are the blue knights)also bagged the collegiate championship against the um wildcats last night.

kudos to all the ateneo teams!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

writer's block

(hope to come up with something to write again...soon)

Monday, June 8, 2009

baby's day-off

taken yesterday while gabby and i were left at home. i was doing the dishes while i asked her to play....she already learned how to use my ps2 console....looking forward to games that we might share playing.

Monday, June 1, 2009

the davao toy community and gaisano mall of davao in cooperation with g.a.m.e. and davao diecast club will present toyplay, a toys and cosplay exhibit from june 15-21, 2009 at the spazio, 3rd level gaisano mall of davao.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

new OS

i'm currently using a new operating system for my unit here in the office.
after my system crashed the other day, i finally had the opportunity to try this new OS. it is called gOS, short for good OS. here is a screenshot:

as of now, i'm trying to learn how it works but i have never really encountered any hitch yet.
in a few weeks, i will try posting a review for this new OS i'm using.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

new challenges

this is the year that we as a family may be facing new challenges. gabby recently turned two and we had a simple party for her at home...what challenges await us as the year goes by inour parenting of gabby?
another challenge that we least expect is wifey travelling to a new place for work...and i mean a far place. if plans do push through, this will be the first time in that we will be apart, really apart. continents apart...hopefully after a year, gabby and i can be with her there. the prospect of going abroad is thrilling and exciting yet filled with uncertainty, but we can definitely make it work.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

happy new year

first entry for the new year! hope the new year turns to be as colorful and sweet as the year that has just passed.