Thursday, November 22, 2007

family day

after i arrived from iloilo, i spent the following day resting at home. fatigue brought about by the delayed flight from cebu to davao has really caught up on me. i was with gabby the whole day and all we did (when i was not asleep) was to take pictures. here are some of our pictures from our "mini-house".

in the afternoon, we went to sm since i promised them that when i get back from iloilo, we will go malling. these are some pictures of them eating at shakey's and riding the carousel.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


our team has been dethroned as the national champions. ateneo de manila university succedeed us as the national champions for this years national tournament. we got the third place and the most coveted award which is the sportsmanship award.
we had no luck in gaining the ntaional title for the second time but we won something more valuable that the national title and it is the value of sportsmanship. regardless of who we meet in any tournament, we have proven that we can be competitive and fair in competition.
for all our efforts, animo ateneo!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

new toys and our trip

shopped for my fbl win toy trophy yesterday. after 2 weeks i was finally able to buy my first comic 3 pack joes. i bought the pack with general abernathy, flint and tunnel rat. i almost missed on them because the last time i checked, i couldn't find the set, luckily last night, i saw one set so i decided to really buy it even if it would cost me some money....(it did cost me money.but i'm happy with my growing joe also cost me a lot because i was able to buy a loose fully poseable degeneration x triple h figure. now i'm in the look out for a fully poseable dx shawn...damn hard to find.hehehe.)
tomorow, we'll be leaving for iloilo for the milo-sbp national tournament. we are the defending champs in the sbp division so we will be defending our national title. hopefully, after this tournament, i will be able to buy another set of trophy toys. i plan on buying something from my allowance and i might end up buying the remaining comic 3 packs. (the one with zartan, fred and zarana, the dreadnoks and breaker, scarlett and hologam cobra commander. it's just a shame that these toys arrive here in our city late. all the good stuff are already sold out before we can get our hands on them. but this fact will not dampen my hopes of giving my joe collection another try. with all the figures available, i can more or less come up with close to 30 joe pcs both from the comics packs and the dtc's they've already released.)
will just post pictures of my new toys, hopefully with the other set i can buy when we arrive from iloilo. will also update on what happened there in the tournament once i get back.

the time of year

it is the time of year again wherein new titles for the different computer game consoles are being released week after week. one of my awaited titles this year is the annual smackdown vs.raw 2008. i've been reading about it since information about the game was released after wrestlemania 23 last march.

can't wait to get my hands on them.

update: finally got my copy yesterday (november 14, 2007) just had little time to try it out but it is really worth it.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

ching2's birthday

yesterday, ate celebrated her birthday. mommy treated us all to dinner at buffet palace. of course, the scene stealer was gabby. here are pix of her taken at buffet palace yesterday.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


we spent the semestral break packing our things for our transfer to wifey's place. we are currently occupying the 2nd floor of their seems that we are living in a condominium unit...:)

this is gabby's picture at our "new place". she is leaning at our bed.

part of my sembreak was buying my "trophy toys"....we recently won the regionals in the milo sbp and wifey granted me two new toys as my "trophy". i bought a spiderman figure, and my 2nd dtc gi joe footloose. i already have two joe's to my collection.(i started buying toys as trophy's when we won the championship for the basketball summer league in 2006. i bought my wolverine figure and from that time i began buying toys as trophies to help me remember the championships we won. i still haven't bought something from our recent fbl win.....have to go and check the mall for more joe's this weekend.)

Monday, November 5, 2007

back to back

this basketball year for us is all about defending titles. and we have been doing good at it.

recently, we bagged our 3rd championship in three weeks. our fbl boys successfully defended our championship from last year making us back to back fbl champions in the mini category. the boys defeated the uic team 52-38 to get our second fbl championship.
these are new boys that are playing for the fbl because they changed the age bracketing. we had grade 4, grade 3 and grade 2 kids playing this year unlike last year when we won our first championship, we had grade 5, grade 4 and grade 3 boys playing for the team.
the team also bagged two of the three individual awards. miguel belen of grade 3 got the mvp award for the 9 year old category and jeremiah aguilon for the 10 year old category.