Sunday, July 20, 2008

rain and the 80's

it is raining hard as i write this entry. the weather here in davao has been very erratic as of during the day and suddenly rain clouds appear out of nowhere to drench the earth. everytime itislike this, i feel like the kid i was back in the 80's...staying at home, waiting for the rain to stop so i can be with my friends and play with them. if the rain will continue for the whole day, i would just wait for my favorite cartoon shows in the afternoon and waste my time with my toys or the television tube. these were my fond memories of childhood.

looking back, those trends are slowly coming back. the toys i grew up with are making their re-appearances and catering a new generation of kids who would long for them, just like how we longed for them when we were generation, same toys...i bet when they reach my age i'm in now, they would also have fond recollections of the days they spent playing with their toys while waiting for the rain to stop so that they can share the joy they have with their friends who also long for the rain to stop so that they can play together.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

toy fascination

i have been into toy collecting for a few months now, particularly the gi joe 25th anniversary line. i can say that i have more or less "owned and re-claimed" the joe figs i had and didn't have as a youngster. my joes doesn't total a lot. i'm not a completist, i just buy figs i want. (i have been this choosy in my toys really. even with this new line i'm collecting, i still wouldn't dive on every figure available.i choose.) that is the reason why i still have only eight 25th anniv line joes inspite of the fact that a lot of figures were already released.
it also helped that there is already a local toy community here in davao, organized by fellow davaoƱeos. i am part of the group. now, i gained new friends who are into the same hobby as i do. meeting fellow collectors is a real thrill. we did have an initial meet-up that is yet to be followed but i guess each one of us is really looking forward to meeting again.
as for my recent birthday, i got myself a new joe, the 25th anniv zartan fig. i already have my very first joe, duke so i guess i'm done with the singles card and i may move forward to the comic packs to get my missing 13 figures. 13 figures to go and i'm done with this line and i don't care if the 13 figs are mint or not. i already have my mint characters i can now settle for loose figs of my magic 13 figs which i still need (i'll just post them on the DTC wanted list perhaps so i can finish this line by years end.) line up next? depends on the figs,how they look like and if they really live up to the hype of the movie...none the less, i will get me a movie line snake eyes.