Friday, December 21, 2007

christmas break

this is the last day of work and we will be starting our week-long break tomorrow.
finally some time to really spend at home and lounge all day. so i will be blogging again at the start of the new year...this is perhaps my last entry for the year.
yesterday, we had an advent recollection and one of the reflection questions was about blessings received for the past year. i can think of a lot but what i am really thankful for this year is having my family. seeing our little girl develop from her 1st month with us upto now when she is almost turning a year old. seeing how happy her mother is everytime she holds her. seeing them both every time i wake up is one of my greatest joys....sets me up for a bright day everytime. i love you both, momee and gabby! may all of us have merry christmas and a happy new year.

Monday, December 17, 2007

agony of defeat

i've been trying to come up with this ever since our first loss at the just concluded gs cup came. it was really hard to accept that we were defeated then.
we braced for another meeting with them having to win all of our remaining game assignments to be able to get back at them. we did sin with ease, sweeping all our remaining games. that winning streak came at a halt during the first game of the title series. we almost won..."almost" being the operative word. our opponents literally took game one away from us just like the way they took our victory during the first meeting.

blame it on inexperience, blame it on sloppy calls and officiating, blame it on anybody and anything under the sun....the fact remains...the opponents swept us in the title series 2-0.

in a basketball game, there are winners and losers...we were the latter. after 7 straight years as the champion, we finally got our first 1st runner up finish and trophy.

i was not able to get the championship i worked hard for this year...maybe next year i'll get a chance at redemption but for now, i must still endure the agony of defeat.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

yoxx's wishlist

19 more days till christmas. as usual, we have our wishlists every christmas time and just as everybody does i have my own wishlist.
yoxx's christmas wishlist
1. a sony psp-i would really like one since it is not only a game device but also a wifi gadget. i'm lusting over it because of it's wifi capabilities more than anything else.
2. a set of 25th anniversary joes-this will be a nice addition to my growing collection of toys.
3. a new cellphone-not for me but for wifey, a nokia n-series perhaps.
thinking about it, these are things that can be had even if its not christmas time. what i really want this christmas is to win the gs south cup championship. it will really be a merry christmas if this holds true after all the trials we had to endure for the entire school year.
winning the championship can be the icing on the cake of my coaching this year. after all, i have gabby and wifey, there is nothing more i could ask for.

Monday, December 3, 2007

dravenworkz joeverse

i have finally uploaded "reincarnations" the first part of my gi joe fanfic based on the action figures i have. i really don't know how many parts my fanfic will cover but as long as i can purchase my action figures, the stories will continue on.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


update below.

these are my new joe's from the comic 3-packs general abernathy, tunnel rat and flint.

update: a pix of the cards of my joe's. the last card is my recent haul, a dtc major bludd figure. i'm looking forward to this weekend when i can hopefully purchase my dreadnoks.