Wednesday, August 22, 2007


haven't blogged in a while due to a lot of things that has kept me pre-occupied for several days until this very day. to sum up the events that has kept me busy, i have tought of categorizong them into the title that i have for this entry: "happy-sad".

happy- had the chance to emcee our celebration of "buwan ng wika"
sad- my team b lost to holy child last saturday during the sbp games
happy- wifey and i celebrated 1 year of married life. she even got me a new fone for our anniversary.
sad- one of our players got hospitalized because of dengue
sad- my former teacher and now, co-teacher passed away today.( gracias, sir tony)
happy- finally finished all of my grades which are loooong over due.

life really can be so short....we have to enjoy every minute of our existence. we need not fret about things that come our way. basically, only there are only to things we can experience in our whole lifetime...."happy and sad".

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

what's up?

between the last post i had and today, wifey and i have been very busy preparing paper works for our new home....yes we are finally getting our own place. the new place is at wellsprings highlands, a new subdivision at catalunan pequeño. it will be a 90 sq.m. lot we will ultimately call home. we finally completed all the necessary requirements yesterday.
this afternoon, wifey and i will go to the area and start the layout of our house. this is the developers proposed layout for our house model:
as i frequent the web, i chanced upon this site, wanting to fulfill my architectural frustrations, i instantly signed up and put my architectural frustraions to work. this is what i came up with:

this is a floorplan roughly based on the floorplan provided by the developers. of course, there can be slight differences because i just tried doing things by myself. hopefully, the layout i made and theirs will match more or less. excitement really is mounting as i think of living there a few mnths from now. when that time comes, all the home magazines i've been collecting will be ultimately put to good use.

the truth is, wifey and i are both happy that we are able to provide a nice home for our little princess. after today, construction of our home will start. we'll try to post pictures of the progress of our home monthly.