Tuesday, December 16, 2008

movie for 2009

this is something i lifted from a friend's blog. just can help but post it here.

thanks bro markus! i really enjoyed this one.
happy holidays(in a few more days ) to everyone!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

my first sbp team

i present my very first sbp team. we have accomplished a lot together for this school year, 4 championships for the school, a runner-up finish in the best center sbp national finals and the sportsmanship award in the same tournament. i can never thank this boys enough for the breaks they gave me during my coaching stint in the sbp but what is very important for me is the friendship we share.getting those championships is a very good feat but the friendship and camaraderie is the best i gained this year.
wishing you boys all the best in your basketball careers.
animo ateneo.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

sbp national finals

haven't updated in a while because of a very hectic school schedule. but here it is, we won the regional finals and we are going to the national finals in iloilo. the national finals is set on november 22-23, 2008 and we will be facing the champions in the luzon, ncr and visayas legs of the milo-sbp tournament.

before we will be going there, 9 of the sbp boys participated in the mindanao childrens games together with 6 players from the gaisano team. they played for the gold medal against university of the immaculate conception and they got the gold with a 94-64 win. it was a good enough tune up for the 9 sbp boys who will be playing in the national finals.

we will be going to the national finals to enjoy the games, the camaraderie with fellow champion teams but if the chance to get the national title presents itself, we will not hesitate to grab that chance.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

sbp local champions

we're at it again.
yesterday at the ladislawa gym, our sbp team won our nth local milo-sbp championship plum against acd. the boys played hard and they were rewarded with the championship. our road to the sbp nationals' next stop will be the regionals which will be this weekend.
congratulations boys!animo ateneo!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

sbp road to the nationals

our team will begin our trek toward the road to the sbp nationals in two weeks.
over the weekend, the boys showed their defense limiting a high scoring acd team to only 19 points. next weekend we will be facing another offensive team in hcdc...hopefully the boys will still have the same defensive intensity they had againts acd and maintain that defensive intensity through out our trek back to the nationals.
(i'll just update this blog as we progress. see you in next week)

dtc september meetup

our meet-ups are becoming a monthly thing dtc members look forward to. last saturday, we had our october meet-up at mts.


(taken during the ice cream break.(thanks for the ice cream lex!) )


(group pic this time, since it is my camera, i'm not in the group pix)
some toys present during the meet-up




(paeng's hml cap and squall and rinoa's minimates cap)


(pikot's armored core)


( aj's crocmaster and paeng's firefly)

Monday, September 8, 2008


i've heard bob carlisle sing "butterfly kisses" a lot of times but it never had the impact it had on me last sunday while playing with my baby. i was playing with gabby when the song played from our cd player.

listening to the lyrics made me realize things.
i just would like to share some lyrics that caught my attention: (somethings to get sentimental with..hehe)

"There's two things I know for sure: She was sent here from heaven and she's daddy's little girl.........I thank god for all the joy in my life Oh, but most of all For butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer........In all that I've done wrong I know I musthave done something right to deserve a hug every morning and butterfly kisses at night."

i love you baby!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

davao toy community

presenting our very own davao toy community.
photos were taken at the meet up during the amk anime event last sunday at metro avenue...thanks to bro squall for the pix.

(l-r rowil, tamtam, kaervek, me, pikot, aexstatic, the aj(seating), ralphloris, galaxy_ram,squall, m.e.n)

(same guys this time with bro deadpool taking bro squall's place)


wifey and i are celebrating our second year anniversary today. happy anniversary hon!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


got an unexpected visitor yesterday. ms.holly calica, a fullbright study tour participant two years ago, visited me here at the office yesterday. it was totally unexpected since, i never thought that after their tour here, i would see them again. it was very nice of her to visit and catch up with things after two years. to ma'am holly, it was very nice to see you again :D

Monday, August 11, 2008


we are currently having our paascu re-accrediation here in our school. this is my first experience at an accreditation and somebody from their group entered my 9 am class earlier. i got the "jitters" when the accreditor came in but, i calmly overcame the initial shock and spent the next 30 minutes or so delivering the lesson. the accreditor never got the chance to see what the students can really do because he did not stay long enough but i'm prepared with my class, so i have nothing to worry about.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

rain and the 80's

it is raining hard as i write this entry. the weather here in davao has been very erratic as of late...hot during the day and suddenly rain clouds appear out of nowhere to drench the earth. everytime itislike this, i feel like the kid i was back in the 80's...staying at home, waiting for the rain to stop so i can be with my friends and play with them. if the rain will continue for the whole day, i would just wait for my favorite cartoon shows in the afternoon and waste my time with my toys or the television tube. these were my fond memories of childhood.

looking back, those trends are slowly coming back. the toys i grew up with are making their re-appearances and catering a new generation of kids who would long for them, just like how we longed for them when we were kids....new generation, same toys...i bet when they reach my age i'm in now, they would also have fond recollections of the days they spent playing with their toys while waiting for the rain to stop so that they can share the joy they have with their friends who also long for the rain to stop so that they can play together.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

toy fascination

i have been into toy collecting for a few months now, particularly the gi joe 25th anniversary line. i can say that i have more or less "owned and re-claimed" the joe figs i had and didn't have as a youngster. my joes doesn't total a lot. i'm not a completist, i just buy figs i want. (i have been this choosy in my toys really. even with this new line i'm collecting, i still wouldn't dive on every figure available.i choose.) that is the reason why i still have only eight 25th anniv line joes inspite of the fact that a lot of figures were already released.
it also helped that there is already a local toy community here in davao, organized by fellow davaoñeos. i am part of the group. now, i gained new friends who are into the same hobby as i do. meeting fellow collectors is a real thrill. we did have an initial meet-up that is yet to be followed but i guess each one of us is really looking forward to meeting again.
as for my recent birthday, i got myself a new joe, the 25th anniv zartan fig. i already have my very first joe, duke so i guess i'm done with the singles card and i may move forward to the comic packs to get my missing 13 figures. 13 figures to go and i'm done with this line and i don't care if the 13 figs are mint or not. i already have my mint characters i can now settle for loose figs of my magic 13 figs which i still need (i'll just post them on the DTC wanted list perhaps so i can finish this line by years end.)........movie line up next? depends on the figs,how they look like and if they really live up to the hype of the movie...none the less, i will get me a movie line snake eyes.

Monday, June 9, 2008

basketball 08-09

as of this writing, our sports coordinator has just informed me that i will be handling the team a of our basketball teams this year. more on this development as the sy progresses.

Friday, June 6, 2008


for some strange reason, i can't compose anything for this blog except this piece that i'm writing now. a lot has transpired since my last post, but i can't really organize my thoughts and express them all here. a case of a writer's block (hopefully, it can't get the best of me 'cause i have a lot to write for this year.)

peace out!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

toys update

after 20 years, dad bought me a gi joe figure again. i still remeber my first gi joe, it was duke. it was back when i was in grade 1. last saturday, i finally saw the first available 25th anniversary singles here in davao. i immediately asked dad if he can buy me one.( i wasn't really hoping he would get it for me but i tried.hehe. and it worked, after lunch, he asked where the gi joe was located in the toy department and he brought it for me. i felt like the grade 1 student again. literally, my heart was pounding and i cannot contain my excitement of owning my first 25th joe. thanks dad. i'm very lucky that after all these years, dad still can buy me a toy..hehe).

here are a few pix of my very first 25th joe: dreadnok buzzer
while i was taking pix of my new toy, i also did a few pose shots of my marvel figs,
and of gabby's toy stack which is long overdue:

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a laptop, a house and toys

wifey has long been planning to buy a laptop for her own. since em-em, my sister in law, is coming home from singapore, wifey asked her if she could help her buy her laptop. lo and behold, here comes the most nifty gadget i have ever seen, the asus eee pc.

this seven inch wonder of a laptop immediately caught wifey's fancy. we already saw one for sale in a few computer stores here inthe city and i can feel her excitement in owning one. (sister in law, agreed to help her get a unit when she arrives and it will be another week away from now . she arrives on the 29th and everybody in the family is getting their "pasalubong" from her..hehe. i hope it includes me.)

our classes officially ended some two weeks ago. we are on "summer mode" as i write this entry. aside from our summer work, what kept me busy was the processing of all the paper works for our house. the utilities and the finalization of the details of our house really is taxing. fortunately, the utilities are halfway done with the water utility to be followed up this friday. after the water utility, the house can be livable already which we hope to do on may 11th. (if we finally occupy our house, it will really be a fulfilled dream for wifey and i. we have longged for the house for sometime and we can really live in "our own place".)

another thing that has caused excitement aside from our house is that, 25th joes are already here in davao. i've been longing to buy one for myself. in fact, i have been tempted many times to purchase form e-bay but i decided to just wait for them to arrive and last monday, i finally got word that they are here. (i immediately asked wifey, if we can check the mall if they are really there, but unfortunately they weren't. as i write this, i'm waiting for my lunch break to be able to check on those toys again if they have been displayed on the shelves already. for my first 25th joe, i plan to buy snake eyes and storm shadow if they become available. i really can't resist buying these toys. i wil just endure what wifey will have to say if she finds out i bought joes again. she understand my passion for these toys although i still get reprimanded for getting them.)

to close out this entry, i present to you, two people i love most:

gabby and wifey!

(cheers to 20 months of being with both of you! )

Monday, March 24, 2008


i officially got a haircut after six years last thursday. not that i didn't ever cut my hair for six years but everytime i went to the barbershop, i would let my barber trim my locks so it still has the "long hair" feel.

last thursday, i did ask my barber to give me what they termed as the "barber's cut". it is a close trim and a clean cut. i finally managed to let go of my locks. my brother calls me "boy haircut" after seeing my new do.

well, we do "new" things once in a while and i just did something "new" by having a clean cut.

Monday, March 10, 2008

moving out.....again

in a few weeks time, we will be moving out again of our current residence. this time for good. we will finally occupy our very residence @ catalunan pequeño. wifey is very excited..we processed our light and water yesterday.(we never thought that processing those things can be so tiring...but i won't mind all the trouble as long as we get to transfer at our own home soon.)
we will be leaving our "mini-house" and wifey and i will finally get to decorate our own home just as we please. we have a lot planned and hopefully we can see it come true.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


i've been thinking of what to write and i chanced upon pyk's blog and saw this image:

it's our images, the artco. pioneers. it's been already ten years since we conceived this group....an friendship among artists who love art. what bound us together was our friendship, love for art and anything that pertains to both. (the art sessions, the planning sessions which ultimately leads to some "inuman" sessions. excluding the female pioneers of course.)

as of this writing, pyk has told me that a chapter in another school has been established.

if somebody was going to interview me about this group which we pioneered and how it has survived ten years of existence...i would be proud to say that aside from our love for art, what really helped artco. through the years is the friendship forged by each batch of artco. members.

as long as the bonds of friendship will continue to develop, i will predict that artco. will live for a lot more years. after all, friendship was what helped conceive and bring our organization to fruitition.

Monday, February 18, 2008

agony of defeat 2

"with the game clock ticking down, victory was imminent. the winning team had a comfortable lead and another championship will be added to their ranks."

this best describes the athmosphere of the final seconds of the game at the almendras gym yesterday when we took on acd for the championship of the cherifer under-12 mindanao leg tournament.

retribution was claimed as we got the better of them this time. after our gaisano gup loss last december, i was personally itching to get back at them at all costs. ironically, didn't need to wait very long for my time, after 2 months, i got to deliver another championship for the school making the school back to back champions for mindanao for the said tournament.
i guess, i have endured the agony of the defeat long enough to garner this new championship and add a medal to my collection and another trophy to the schools collection.

congratulations to my players! animo ateneo!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

pre-valentine gift

got wifey this as a pre-valentine present. she has long been looking for this toy and finally i got her one. she was so amazed and surprised when she recieved it.(i gave up part of what i'm saving for my gi joe to get her this.luv u mee, hope you like the new toy you have.) i am just so blessed that the family i have likes toys. collecting these things are something we can enjoy together. (even gabby has her own toy collection.)

Monday, January 21, 2008


last saturday, we went malling with gabby. we had promised the kid that we would go out during the weekend so we did. we were so busy looking up the things we need to purchase for her birthday like candies and toys and i completely forgot about her slippers. it was only after we had payed for our purchase that i noticed one of her slippers was missing....wifey immediately went back to the grocery area to check if it is still there, leaving gabby and me. i tried consoling myself that we could still find the missing slipper until wifey returned to no avail...no slipper.
i then looked for it, searching high and low along the aisles...pfft....still no slipper.
wifey did what every mother i think would have done, who would be in the same predicament, ask the help of the customer assistance. (i guess that is why there is such thing as customer assistance in the first place. :))
a mother would really do everything for her child and i admire wifey for it...luckily, they found the missing slipper yesterday. wifey will not be sad anymore and i have learned to look after gabby's things more carefully from now on.

Friday, January 4, 2008

my gi joe collection

a few months back, i spotted several gi joes on sale at the local mall. i had a sudden rush to buy the figures and i did. after 3 months, i have this collection i can finally show off. i returned the previously loose figures to their cards and displayed them together with my recent hauls.
what really got me into collecting these figures again? i really can't say but it's more of the nostalgia of owning these classic figures again. i used to collect them when i was still in elementary and now...i can literally own them again.
( my recent hauls, comprising of the cobra forces.)
(the gi joes)(all of my gi joes, that's my reflection on the mirror...hehehe)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

our holiday photoblog

gabby playing with mr.potatohead, she's holding his arm

playing with the camera

playing w/ momee


media noche

w/ lolo on new year's eve

tito von @ the christmas tree

first media noche

my christmas haul (thanks hon for the gi joes)