Monday, March 24, 2008


i officially got a haircut after six years last thursday. not that i didn't ever cut my hair for six years but everytime i went to the barbershop, i would let my barber trim my locks so it still has the "long hair" feel.

last thursday, i did ask my barber to give me what they termed as the "barber's cut". it is a close trim and a clean cut. i finally managed to let go of my locks. my brother calls me "boy haircut" after seeing my new do.

well, we do "new" things once in a while and i just did something "new" by having a clean cut.

Monday, March 10, 2008

moving out.....again

in a few weeks time, we will be moving out again of our current residence. this time for good. we will finally occupy our very residence @ catalunan pequeño. wifey is very excited..we processed our light and water yesterday.(we never thought that processing those things can be so tiring...but i won't mind all the trouble as long as we get to transfer at our own home soon.)
we will be leaving our "mini-house" and wifey and i will finally get to decorate our own home just as we please. we have a lot planned and hopefully we can see it come true.