Wednesday, September 19, 2007


the tech bug just bit me.

i've been trying my best to customize my office pc for quite sometime now and make it run as fast as it can. i've tried all the tweaks in all the places and the all softwares that lets me do it. this has been a personal project of mine....come up with a pc that works with limited resources. i've chanced upon portableapps. these are a set of pc apps in portable the site would say...."runs comfortably from a 512 drive" these apps really do work and it does use minimum resources of my pc.

i've downloaded all the necessary apps i need and installed them individually on my pc. (i downloaded the suite but it won't work so i started downloading the individual apps contained in the suite.)

i was able to get the following portable apps to work:

a. clamwin portable

b. gaim portable

c. openoffice portable

d. firefox portable

e. vlc portable

the other apps i plan on installing perhaps some other time. hopefully by then, i will have a fully functional pc working on portable apps. (by the way, i was able to free up close to 10 GB of my 40 GB hard drive just by using the said apps....and still counting...cheers to portability

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

little joys

went malling with wifey and gabby. this is our first time to go out as a family now that gabby has already turned seven months old. the picture here is taken at KFC while we had our dinner.
going to the mall with them is one of my little joys. i always look forward to days like this. no basketball game to coach, no school activities to attend. just strolling at the mall with them can account for a truly great day.
seeing gabby like this is also one little joy i always look forward to.