Tuesday, March 27, 2007

gabby's own picture page

a friend sent me a link in my e-mail and it directed me to the invitation page of ringo. it was a photosharing web app similar to multiply. i have thought about creating one for gabby for a long time but i was not sure what web app to use, so this afternoon, i checked back the site and decided to use it since i was signed up automatically when i clicked on the invitation earlier.
i uploaded gabby's pictures and named it after her so it becomes her own. (visitors need not fret because, i did it purposely because i plan on putting pictures of her only. if you want to check other pictures, check on my albums link on this page.)
this is the link to gabby's own picture page: http://www.ringo.com/profile/yoxx_sam.html

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

yve and gabby

mommy and daughter sharing special moments
(pictures taken here were before gabby turns another month older)

yve and gabby smiling.("magkamukha ba kami?")

while they were sleeping......(took this when they were still asleep.)Posted by Picasa

there are still new pictures of gabby in her web album. please do check them out.

Monday, March 19, 2007

work, work, work

the past few days have been very busy for me. i have been juggling my time between computing grades, coaching and taking care of my baby. here is an update on the things that has kept me busy for the past few days:
computing my grades: i just finished them...i have just printed the last grading sheet.
coaching: we entered a 3 on 3 tournament and the finals were conducted last saturday. only 3 teams which we composed made it to the semi's and the finals. congratulations to team buchike for winning the 3rd place in the 10-under category, team assasins for getting the 1st runner up and team squakboom for winning the 4th place in the 12-under category. kudos to all the teams that participated in the said tournament....animo ateneo!
taking care of my baby: i guess this task will never get done...everytime i take the reigns in taking care of gabby, there is something new i learn. the latest i learned is that classical music can help indeed soothe the baby if the baby seems stressed. wifey and i tried it during the wee hours of saturday during the time when gabby seemed so distressed that nothing we do can keep her from crying her heart out. once the cd played, it worked wonders, gabby began to ease out on us until she was able to fall asleep. (i guess, gabby is undergoing the many changes in all her patterns like sleep, eat and play. nothing wifey and i can do anything about.) also, yesterday, gabby was left to my sole care when yve and our househelp went shopping. it was then that i discovered that gabby can be left on her own already. i was able to leave her temporarily when i had to get the laundry. i was able to finish my household chore before she gave out her usual cry signifying that "dad, ako naman asikasuhin mo." and true enough when i reached her, she began to stop crying and gave me her sweetest smile.
these were the things that has kept me busy the past few days and now that summer is fast approaching, there will be no more grades to compute and tournaments to coach at, but i will have all the time to care for my wife and our little angel, gabby.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

dravenworkz cookbook

just published my first recipe on my dravenworkz cookbook...you can find it here.
you can also check out the site on the personal links area of my blog it is entitled, dravenworkz cookbook.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

a photomosaic experiment

i've been trying this free photomosiac software called AndreaMosaic and these are some of the images i have created so far:

the set of images used here are from several of gabby's photos.

this photo is the original picture.

this second set of images are from our wedding.

the image below is the original photograph.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

gabby's first visit to the office

gabby was finally able to go with us here at the workplace.
here are some of the pictures:

(with tita christine, ate marie and tita cel)

(with the tita's from the IT Center L-R: tita yom, tita christine, tita cel, tita ja, tita mae2 and tita mai)

(photos taken: march 07, 2007 @ IT Office)

gabby's most recent pictures (a photoblog)

these photos were taken march 06, 2007 at home
(there's something wrong with the settings of our camera that's why the date says :2005.05.01)

close-up of gabby sleeping on her carrying basket

gabby on her carrying basket

gabby's toys

(i know these are not gabby's pictures but i feel like posting them too. )

Monday, March 5, 2007

going hi-tech

i tried something out of the conventional for one of my IT classes. i asked my students to email me one of their exercises in our powerpoint classes. i was planning to use it for next school year but had to conduct a test run so i did. after a few days of giving the instructions out, i already received a few emails from my students...and i saw some of my students doing their assignment of "email-ing" in our laboratories.
it's a good thing that i was able to have this "test run". somehow, i can gauge how useful this can be for next school year.
technology and education can indeed go hand-in-hand.

new toy

this is what has kept me busy for a few days. i finally got my own mp3 player again. i've had one before but its in the safe keeping of my brother already. left it with him together with my dvd player when i got married. (thought, i would have no use for them anymore once i get married, thought wrong..hehe.) anyway, i've enjoyed tinkering with this new toy which i got for a bargain price. serves me well, less than 512 mb of my favorite songs stuffed here...with a few mb's left for a few files (decided to use it as a flash drive as well..think "multi-functionality").as my friend would say,"..if if serves its purpose, go for it." i didn't go wrong with this purchase. (just to prove it, i'm thinking of getting one for yve as well.)
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Thursday, March 1, 2007

fatherhood 101 (yoxx's guide to fatherhood-part 1)

i still have a lot to learn from being a parent..barely a month has passed since our daughter was born and yet, all the theory's about parenting i have heard, never seem to work..or so it seems. being a psychologist, i have my own ideas and concepts on how i should rear my own daughter yet, for some strange reason, sometimes, i find myself going the opposite direction of my own ideas and concepts.
however, being a parent, i have began to develop and strenghten my ideas and concepts, ommiting those that don't work and developing those that work. what i share here are things i learned in being a father with my daughter, gabby and my wife, yve.

ss night when i was the one left to feed gabby at 2 in the morning, i couldn't help but blurt out the question: "ano ba anak?" a question uttered with some hint of anger and dismay at my baby's seeming restlessness. this brings me to the first lesson of parenthood i learned, always keep your temper in check, even when you are so sleepy and you cannot determine the cause of the baby's restlessness, just talk to baby in a nice way. ( i guess, at a young age,they can already understand what you are trying to say.)

they say that if your baby is cuddled and carried al the time, they end up not wanting to be placed in their crib or on the bed. i guess, the second lesson to be learned is here is cuddle your child as much as possible. why?you may ask. i think its pretty simple, the time will come when your child will no longer want to be cuddled and cared for. i don't want to wait for that time anymore.

i think, this next lesson is very important. take care of your baby and your wife. again, wifey, is responsible for bringing your bundle of joy to this world. (of course, she didn't do it by herself, unless she knows how to self-pollinate. :) ) she carried baby for nine months in her tummy, give her the care and attention she needs. i guess she deserves it. don't let her feel that you value the baby more than her.(which i guess is how they feel everytime the father pays more attention to the baby's needs.) she also needs your attention so the next time you feel like saying " i love you" to your baby, make sure that you say it to wifey first...things don't have to change betwen you and wifey.after all, you used to say it to her when you were still dating, right?