Monday, January 21, 2008


last saturday, we went malling with gabby. we had promised the kid that we would go out during the weekend so we did. we were so busy looking up the things we need to purchase for her birthday like candies and toys and i completely forgot about her slippers. it was only after we had payed for our purchase that i noticed one of her slippers was missing....wifey immediately went back to the grocery area to check if it is still there, leaving gabby and me. i tried consoling myself that we could still find the missing slipper until wifey returned to no slipper.
i then looked for it, searching high and low along the aisles...pfft....still no slipper.
wifey did what every mother i think would have done, who would be in the same predicament, ask the help of the customer assistance. (i guess that is why there is such thing as customer assistance in the first place. :))
a mother would really do everything for her child and i admire wifey for it...luckily, they found the missing slipper yesterday. wifey will not be sad anymore and i have learned to look after gabby's things more carefully from now on.

Friday, January 4, 2008

my gi joe collection

a few months back, i spotted several gi joes on sale at the local mall. i had a sudden rush to buy the figures and i did. after 3 months, i have this collection i can finally show off. i returned the previously loose figures to their cards and displayed them together with my recent hauls.
what really got me into collecting these figures again? i really can't say but it's more of the nostalgia of owning these classic figures again. i used to collect them when i was still in elementary and now...i can literally own them again.
( my recent hauls, comprising of the cobra forces.)
(the gi joes)(all of my gi joes, that's my reflection on the mirror...hehehe)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

our holiday photoblog

gabby playing with mr.potatohead, she's holding his arm

playing with the camera

playing w/ momee


media noche

w/ lolo on new year's eve

tito von @ the christmas tree

first media noche

my christmas haul (thanks hon for the gi joes)