Sunday, October 19, 2008

sbp local champions

we're at it again.
yesterday at the ladislawa gym, our sbp team won our nth local milo-sbp championship plum against acd. the boys played hard and they were rewarded with the championship. our road to the sbp nationals' next stop will be the regionals which will be this weekend.
congratulations boys!animo ateneo!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

sbp road to the nationals

our team will begin our trek toward the road to the sbp nationals in two weeks.
over the weekend, the boys showed their defense limiting a high scoring acd team to only 19 points. next weekend we will be facing another offensive team in hcdc...hopefully the boys will still have the same defensive intensity they had againts acd and maintain that defensive intensity through out our trek back to the nationals.
(i'll just update this blog as we progress. see you in next week)

dtc september meetup

our meet-ups are becoming a monthly thing dtc members look forward to. last saturday, we had our october meet-up at mts.


(taken during the ice cream break.(thanks for the ice cream lex!) )


(group pic this time, since it is my camera, i'm not in the group pix)
some toys present during the meet-up




(paeng's hml cap and squall and rinoa's minimates cap)


(pikot's armored core)


( aj's crocmaster and paeng's firefly)