Tuesday, April 22, 2008

toys update

after 20 years, dad bought me a gi joe figure again. i still remeber my first gi joe, it was duke. it was back when i was in grade 1. last saturday, i finally saw the first available 25th anniversary singles here in davao. i immediately asked dad if he can buy me one.( i wasn't really hoping he would get it for me but i tried.hehe. and it worked, after lunch, he asked where the gi joe was located in the toy department and he brought it for me. i felt like the grade 1 student again. literally, my heart was pounding and i cannot contain my excitement of owning my first 25th joe. thanks dad. i'm very lucky that after all these years, dad still can buy me a toy..hehe).

here are a few pix of my very first 25th joe: dreadnok buzzer
while i was taking pix of my new toy, i also did a few pose shots of my marvel figs,
and of gabby's toy stack which is long overdue:

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a laptop, a house and toys

wifey has long been planning to buy a laptop for her own. since em-em, my sister in law, is coming home from singapore, wifey asked her if she could help her buy her laptop. lo and behold, here comes the most nifty gadget i have ever seen, the asus eee pc.

this seven inch wonder of a laptop immediately caught wifey's fancy. we already saw one for sale in a few computer stores here inthe city and i can feel her excitement in owning one. (sister in law, agreed to help her get a unit when she arrives and it will be another week away from now . she arrives on the 29th and everybody in the family is getting their "pasalubong" from her..hehe. i hope it includes me.)

our classes officially ended some two weeks ago. we are on "summer mode" as i write this entry. aside from our summer work, what kept me busy was the processing of all the paper works for our house. the utilities and the finalization of the details of our house really is taxing. fortunately, the utilities are halfway done with the water utility to be followed up this friday. after the water utility, the house can be livable already which we hope to do on may 11th. (if we finally occupy our house, it will really be a fulfilled dream for wifey and i. we have longged for the house for sometime and we can really live in "our own place".)

another thing that has caused excitement aside from our house is that, 25th joes are already here in davao. i've been longing to buy one for myself. in fact, i have been tempted many times to purchase form e-bay but i decided to just wait for them to arrive and last monday, i finally got word that they are here. (i immediately asked wifey, if we can check the mall if they are really there, but unfortunately they weren't. as i write this, i'm waiting for my lunch break to be able to check on those toys again if they have been displayed on the shelves already. for my first 25th joe, i plan to buy snake eyes and storm shadow if they become available. i really can't resist buying these toys. i wil just endure what wifey will have to say if she finds out i bought joes again. she understand my passion for these toys although i still get reprimanded for getting them.)

to close out this entry, i present to you, two people i love most:

gabby and wifey!

(cheers to 20 months of being with both of you! )