Tuesday, February 27, 2007

am i unfair?

how is it to be fair? what comprise equality?
isn't equality and fairness being able to do things that others are doing as well? isn't equality and fairness enjoying what others enjoy such as a long vacation leave in boracay, a new gadget every now and then, women, parties...all the things that make juan drool over what pedro has? isn't fairness the same as equality?
then this is bullshit,
who are we to talk about being fair, when we cannot think of another persons conditon and situation at a given time? who are we to talk about equality, when we cannot even distinguish what is right at a given moment?
who are we to say that people are unfair, everytime we cannot get what we want?
are we being fair everytime we complain and hurt other persons feelings?

fairness and equality are awfully misrepresented and misguided words. everytime, we complain of things being unfair and not equal, look back. are we the only ones feeling this way? we cry "unfair", we complain, the other person feels the same way, he cries "unfair", he complains. this vicious cycle goes on and on, until we get tired of it...does it seem fair that the cycle just goes on and on yet, we are the ones getting tired of all of it?

ranting about all of this mumbo-jumbo about fairness and equality, will get me nowhere.is that fair?
there is this thin line that divides fairness and equality from reality....we can be fair and equal to everyone but still we are not living in the same reality.
until all of us live in the same realm of reality where there is fairness and equality, then we can never experience what is to be fair and equal to one another.....isn't that unfair?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Playing with my Blog

i came across several blogs which has the "recent posts" on their sidebars aside from the regular blog archive.
i want to have that feature in this blog of mine as well so i searched the template function on the dashboard but to no avail. i searched from the help topics but all they say is that i should have the classic template to be able to add the tags that they have.
the day came to a close and still i haven't figured out how to create that portion for my blog.

just this morning, the best of my eagerness to create the function for my blog grew stronger. i studied the html template of the blog and tinkered with it a few times, switched to classic template and then uploading my previous template (i messed up the layout a lot of times luckily i have saved the original template.) really cannot get it right so i decided to quit my endeavor...but still i wanted to have it in my blog....i looked and studied the html template one last time before i gave up on the idea totally when i figured something out....(this stuff is worth mentioning in the blogger hacks section. )anyway, i tried the code i figured out and somehow it works.
i'm sharing the code to everyone who wants to have the recent posts on their blogs and are using the new blogger layout and not the classic template.

brackets here b:widget id='BlogArchive2' locked='false' title='Recent Posts' type='BlogArchive' close tag brackets

enjoy the code, just leave a comment if you would like to ask questions or simply want some help.
this is the closest i can get it to be like a recent posts list.
knowledge of html is essential in determining the code structure since i tried posting this entry several times already and the code just seems to disappear thats why it looks like this.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


i just found out that my daughters pictures are no longer on the server i placed them in!
i have transferred her pictures to a new picture server.
the former server says that they are no longer available...bullsh*t.i own the account yet i cannot find my own pictures.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

a simple story

once there was an island where all the feelings lived. one day, it was announced that the island is sinking into the ocean. the feelings prepared to leave when love asks richness: "can i come with you on your boat?" richness replied:"i'm sorry but there's no room for you anymore. there's lots of gold and silver here already." a bit disheartened, love went to sadness and said," can you stay here with me?" without looking at love, sadness replied in a sad note:" i want to be alone."

love was very sad now after being turned down twice. love saw happiness very eager to leave. love approached happiness and said:"happiness, i'd like to come with you." unfortunately, happiness never heard any of the words love said.

love didn't know what to do."i'll be doomed together with this island." he said to himself. when suddenly, love heard a soft voice saying:" love, i'll take you with me." love looked and saw that the voice came from time. feeling so blessed and overjoyed, love immediately prepared to leave with time. on their way to times boat, love couldn't help but ask:" why did you ask me to come with you?"
"because only i know how great you can be!" time replied as they set sail together.

"only time knows how great love can be" happy valentines!

Monday, February 12, 2007


we used to mimic this sound when we were playing with our robots when we were still children. this sound has been made famous by the cartoon series "transformers". everytime, the vehicles change to their robot form, they make this sound."ae-i-o-u"

this sound was so magical back then. part of its magic was wanting to see how the cartoon vehicles-robot would transform in reality.would they still make the "ae-i-o-u" sound?

a few months from now, the children of the 80's would live to see the magic of those vehicle-robots. they have already created our wildest fantasy back then...a movie, and not a cartoon movie, based on the robots. transformers the movie will be showing come july and i will be waiting to be able to see how it plays out.....it should really be something "more than meets the eye".

and before i forget, they do make the "ae-i-o-u"sound.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


found a picture host for gabby's pix.have uploaded several pictures already.the pix are not shared publicly so you still need to log in to view them.the link can be found on the links portion titled "gabby's photos".....enjoy the pix!

edit: 2.05 pm
i decided to make the pix public para la na hassle sa mga gustong makita si gabby.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Patricia Gabrielle

presenting: patricia gabrielle a. samante
january 27, 2007 was the day our daughter was born...as mentioned in my earlier blog entry, we were supposed to schedule her for C-section on the 30th of the same month but she had other plans. her mom already had labor pains during the morning of the 27th and at 3.55 pm, she came into this world.

(this picture of her was taken when she was at home already. i will post her other pictures sometime this week..am still looking for a picture server...please recommend any if you happen to know one.)