Wednesday, September 30, 2009

baby blue knights and the blue knights

4 minutes & 38 seconds of the 3rd quarter and a full fourth quarter.  this is all that's left before we finish the first step of our goal to go bak to the sbp national finals.  this occured because of the unfortunate downpour we experienced during the original schedule of the championship game last sunday.  the gym got flooded and the organizers had t\no choice but to postpone the game.

this afternoon, our baby blue knights continue with our goal of making it as champions of the sbp local leg again.  the school have never had a hard time getting the local championships all the time.  after this afternoon, we will hopefully be getting ready for the regionals in gensan on october 17-18.  i will be updating this tomorrow with the result of this afternoons game resumption.

sidenote: the passerelle team of the school (which is also considered the baby blue knights) already bagged the local championships at the expense of the rival reds of the hcsd  78-77 last sunday.  they are already geared up for the regionals.  the college varsity(which are the blue knights)also bagged the collegiate championship against the um wildcats last night.

kudos to all the ateneo teams!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

writer's block

(hope to come up with something to write again...soon)